Google Glasses

Google Glasses

Fast access to the Internet is vital to both individuals and businesses. Frequently at the forefront of technology, Google is slated to release its newest product, Google Glasses, by the end of the year. The latest innovation from the Internet giant is still in test mode but curious users can scan reviews and rumors before the product makes its way into consumers’ hands.

Google Glasses offer a wealth of information without needing to carry a laptop, notebook or smartphone. Instead, a pair of specs that look like regular sunglasses will display information on the inside of the lens using 3G and 4G downloading options. One of the glasses’ most anticipated features will allow users to access information about a specific location, such as when they look at any given building and want to know a bit about its history. The technology could be extremely beneficial for realtors, in particular, when they canvas commercial office space with clients. Wearers of the glasses will be privy to pertinent information about the available building via Google’s software, likely making real estate transactions easier for everyone involved.

Options on Google Glasses are controlled by tilting or nodding the head. This leaves the user’s hands free to take notes, pictures or videos. While convenient, it may look odd to see people swaying, swerving and waving while walking around. The hands-free control of the glasses provides versatility made standard by similar technology like Bluetooth. Google Glasses come equipped with GPS, motion sensors, audio input and output technology and a built-in camera. For example, with the tilt or nod of the head, directional instructions and/or a map can be displayed on the lens instructing the wearer on how to get to a specific location. It may also be possible for wearers to play games in a virtual reality atmosphere, much like those seen in science fiction movies.

In addition to identifying places, Google Glasses will be able to recognize people. The glasses’ facial recognition software can provide the wearer with information about an individual and display it on the lens. As one might suspect, there is a concern about the violation of privacy issues as people can be recorded without their permission. These issues have been brought to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission. Google’s developers must find a way to resolve the problem before the glasses become available to consumers around the world.

Whether for or against Google Glasses, consumers can expect to see similar products designed by inventive and creative minds as technology continues to advance. The world’s fast-paced environment and consumers’ desire to have the newest information at their fingertips – or, more accurately, right in their field of vision – will provide an ever-welcoming audience. Despite the need to bob and weave while wearing the glasses, businesspeople will likely laud the glasses’ arrival, especially if they help make the difference between landing or losing a sale. The virtual world just took a step closer to reality.

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  1. Yup, Released last month… More likely watching an Iron Movie. It’s exactly the same concept…
    Seen the news about it.. You can call using the google glasses and you can answer messages and you can even take pictures using it..

    (Califa Berks)

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