5 Essential iPhone Apps for Coupon Clippers

Coupon Clipper

Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone, is a wonderful device that not only keeps you connected to friends and family through calls but can keep you productive and organised. This is made possible by way of downloading apps from the iTunes App Store. For coupon clippers, there are excellent money saving apps that will help you to save money, and a good deal of them are free. If you are a frugal shopper, you should definitely take advantage of these apps.

Coupon Clipper – Local Coupons and DoubleTake Deals is a great free app that gives you tips on plenty of fantastic deals at stores right in your neighbourhood. It is easy to use and allows you to use a coupon at a store simply by displaying it on your iPhone’s screen so that a cashier can scan it directly from the phone. The app runs on GPS and also shows you the addresses of local stores in your area as well as their distance from your current location.

Coupon Cocktail – Coupon Cocktail is another free app that will help you in saving money. It allows you to sign up for a membership and gives you unlimited access to coupons from the top local businesses in your area. You will receive information on a weekly basis about all new deals, which is convenient and timely, freeing you from ever having to search for deals ever again.

Couponator Shopping List – Couponator is a helpful app that allows you to keep track of your coupons while shopping. It costs 99 cents at the App Store and works by enabling you to create a shopping list that includes a budget of how much money you want to spend at the store. You can keep track of your balance so that you can more efficiently select items that are priced lower. The balance appears at the bottom of the list and will turn red when you go over your budget with your shopping list. It helps you to stay in check with your shopping so that you don’t overspend.

Couperb – Couperb is free to download on the App Store and gives you information on the best deals of discounts at your favorite local stores. You will receive discount codes right at your fingertips on your iPhone. Discounts are updated daily, which makes Couperb a very convenient tool.

Coupons in Motion N.C.B. – This is another great free app that coupon clippers will find useful. It allows you to get coupons from stores in your local area and organise them into shopping lists. You can also use the coupons while making purchases by allowing cashiers to scan them directly on your iPhone. The app includes Google maps that show you where to find great deals on sales and discounts at stores in your area. It also automatically tracks your savings each time you use a coupon and allows you to share your coupons via Facebook and email.

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Your iPhone may be a fantastic way to check email, play games, and listen to music, but it’s so much more than that. If you’re living on a budget, you’re going to want at least one of these apps on your home screen!