The Pros and Cons of Upgrading to the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Although many iPhone users were slightly disappointed to learn that Apple would be releasing an iPhone 4S instead of the 5 like many rumored, it didn’t stop the 4S from becoming the most popular iPhone ever, with millions flocking to purchase it on its first day. If you’re still deciding whether or not you want to upgrade your phone to the iPhone 4S, read the pros and cons below to see if it’s right for you.


Siri: the new voice-recognition program is pretty cool, and is especially helpful when driving. You can simply ask a question, whether you need directions or want a text read aloud to you, and Siri will perform the task.

Better camera: the camera has been upgraded to an 8 Megapixel camera which now has simple photo editing capabilities, such as red eye reduction and cropping. The new camera also enables you to shoot 1080p HD video, making the iPhone 4S camera comparable to many point-and-shoot cameras on the market.

Wireless sync: connect your Apple devices wirelessly. This means you’ll be able to update your iPhone without having to manually connect it to your computer.

Faster processor: the iPhone 4S is the fastest iPhone yet with a custom A5 chip that’s found in iPad 2s.


Slow shutter speed: while the iPhone 4S camera is the best iPhone camera yet, users are disappointed by its slow shutter speed, which could affect what you take photos of.

No 4G network: the lack of a 4G feature could affect your download times, especially for large downloads.

Same design: one big drawback of upgrading to the iPhone 4S is that the design is the exact same. When it was rumored that Apple would be releasing the iPhone 5 in 2011, plenty of design photos leaked to the Internet that showcased a sexier and sleeker iPhone. The iPhone 4S, however, is the same phone design-wise.

It’s expensive: although there are some notable pros for upgrading your iPhone to the 4S, it’s worth asking yourself if all these perks are worth paying the extra 100 bucks because the iPhone 4S is not that remarkably different than the iPhone 4. How much more are you willing to pay for it?

It’s commonly acknowledged by now that every new iPhone surpasses its older counterparts, and the iPhone 4S is no different, but there are definitely some pros and cons to upgrading iPhones. Just make sure to weigh them carefully before pulling the trigger on your purchase.

About the Author: Fabian Abedi opted not to rush out for an iPhone 4S when it was released. He’s a huge fan of cell phone technology and loves watching the devleopment of the iPhone as well as Android’s rise to the top.