5 Must Have iPad 2 Accessories This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, millions of Apple fans are frantically scribbling and underlining the word ‘iPad 2′ at the top of their Christmas wish lists, pinning them excitedly to the side of fridge freezers around the globe. Most of you will probably have already read an iPad 2 review and know that quite simply, it’s the most technologically advanced and beautifully designed of all the tablet PC’s on the market, but it’s more than that. It’s a symbol of an entire generation and an indication of where the future of computing and entertainment is headed, all delicately located within an aluminium chassis. Style and reliability, an unrivalled combination.

For those that are already fortunate enough to already be experiencing Apple’s mobile dream machine, in true Apple fashion they will have one question in mind, ‘how do I make this experience even better?’. This is easy, as the success and innovation of the iPad 2 has been infectious and has spawned a range of iPad 2 accessories which will make ideal presents this Christmas. Now all we need to do is get Santa on FaceTime.

5 Must Have iPad 2 Accessories:

1: Apple iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit

iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit

The iPad 2 camera connection kit allows for effortless transfer of files from your digital camera straight to your iPad 2 both directly and through memory cards. You can then view the photos on the glorious iPad 2 display and share those embarrassing moments all in high resolution! Alternatively you can quickly transfer the photos to your iPad 2 and then share them instantly on Facebook. A must buy iPad 2 accessory for any budding photographer or social media addict this Christmas.

2: Apple iPad 2 dock

iPad 2 Dock

Apple’s official iPad docking station allows you to sync your iPad 2 with your Apple computer whilst simultaneously charging its battery. The docking station can also be plugged into a set of external speakers, allowing you to play Wizzard to your heart’s content this Christmas. The official Apple iPad 2 dock is also compatible with the iPad camera connection kit and all other official iPad and iPad 2 accessories.

3: A Funky iPad 2 Case

Funky iPad 2 Case

The iPad 2 price ranges from £400.00 – £700.00, so why not give it that extra bit of protection whilst also adding a dash of your own personality? iPad 2 cases range in style from ‘sophisticated businessman on his daily commute’ to ‘high energy entertainment junkie’. They are a great way of personalising an iPad 2 at relatively little cost and will make an exceptionally cool stocking filler. There are even websites were you can upload custom made designs and have them printed onto iPad 2 skins for that extra personable touch. Alternatively you may choose one of Apple’s own ‘Smart Covers’, which are magnetic screen protectors which double up as an iPad 2 stand.

4: Griffin’s Guitar Connect Cable

Guitar Connect Cable

This is the ultimate in essential accessories for the Apple loving musician. Griffin’s guitar connect cable allows users to hook up their instruments to the latest Garageband app and record music wherever they are in the world. The cable is also compatible with other Apple devices including the iPad and the iPod. Expect to see hoards of musicians rocking out on your daily commute.

5: ThinkGeek’s Arcade Joystick

ThinkGeek Joystick

For those gamers who love playing retro games, this turns your iPad 2 into an old school arcade gaming machine. The joystick sticks onto the iPad 2 touchscreen and allows old school control of apps and video games. This is superb for racing games and other action packed games which requite close control. Plus, it looks pretty damn cool.

Scott is a writer who will happily enjoy viewing the Muppets Christmas Carol on his iPad 2 this Christmas.