VoIP Leaders Compared: MagicJack Plus Vs. NetTALK DUO


Over the past decade, thousands of consumers have been dropping their home phone service for low-cost VoIP telephone service providers. These providers offer phone service through a high speed broadband internet connection. Two of these companies are NetTalk Incorporated, and Vocaltec Communications Limited. These companies have released the netTALK DUO, and the magicJack Plus, respectively.

Each of these devices allow consumers to make high quality phone calls through their high speed internet connection. Both providers’ devices are easy to set up, and consumers can begin making calls in no time. The netTALK DUO device is plugged directly into a high speed modem or router, allowing users to make calls without the use of a computer. The previous edition of the magicJack required the small device to be plugged into the USB port of a computer while the computer was turned on. With the magicJack Plus, however, this is not the case. Just like the netTALK DUO device, the magicJack Plus only has to be plugged into a high speed modem or router to be used. Both devices do allow consumers to run the device through his or her computer with downloadable software, making them especially convenient while traveling, when a modem is not readily available.

Both devices have a wide variety of shared features, including free 411 directory assistance, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, and voicemail service. Each device also allows consumers to keep their own phone number. The netTALK DUO allows users to make free calls anywhere in the world to other netTALK DUO users; the magicJack Plus can make free calls worldwide to another magicJack Plus user. Obviously, each device is comparable on several levels. Two primary differences are present, though. The netTALK DUO allows users to make video calls to other users; the magicJack Plus lacks this ability. Additionally, netTALK DUO users are provided free, live phone support, whereas magicJack Plus users are not.

Both the netTALK DUO and the magicJack Plus are for sale for $69.95, which includes the devices, and the first year of service. Each year following will cost consumers $29.95. Users purchasing the magicJack Plus will be provided the opportunity to purchase five years of service for a discounted rate of only $99.95, a savings of about $10 per year over the five years. This price includes free local and long distance calls to anywhere in the United States or Canada. International calls can be made using both services at an additional per minute rate. When purchased, users will receive their respective device (the netTALK DUO or magicJack Plus), a power adapter, a USB cable, and an Ethernet cable.

Both of these devices are very similar in nature and there seems to be little difference with most consumers having good experiences with each of the devices. The bottom line here is that you can’t really go wrong in switching from a landline phone to one of the well known VoIP providers that provides the same services at a drastically reduced price.

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    1. I have both, and they work very well. I also have VoicePulse which is a SUPER Excellent service with more features than any other phone service anywhere. It is $14.99/month however, you get so much more. It also ports over your current phone number … SEAMLESSLY …. you never see a lull. It also has incredible filtering features that absolutely stop telemarket and people search calls dead. It also has a Computer site that tells ever call made to and from your phone, the exact time and duration. Best is it is an American Company with real live people who answer immediately and help with anything that you need.

      I like Magic & Duo, but for my business, VoicePlus solves every problem, never a missed or unknown call and custom setup for off hour answering and mail. It even sends a notice of the call to your email.

      1. VoicePulse is a $19.99 (which comes out to approx $21.18 after fees) monthly fee for service like Nettalk or Magic Jack Plus! Nettalk and Magic Jack Plus is $29.99 per year, comes out to $2.50 a month!!!!!! If I would pay 19.99 a month I would stay with and landline provider…. whats the point! Fortunately there is Nettalk or Magic Jack Plus which has saved me some serious cash, especially in the long run!

  1. Good article.. but as of Nov 2011, the NetTALK DUO still does NOT have number portability. If you switch to their service, you will have to give up your old phone number. MJ+ DOES offer the option of keeping an old phone number.

    1. That’s not entirely true; MJ+ gives you the option to keep your old US number and not Canadian phone number.

  2. It all depends if you really want to keep your current phone number. If so Magic Jack Plus is for you but remember there is a minor cost to it. For Magic Jack plus and porting your number you will pay 29.95/year + 9.95/year additional fee + one time number porting fee of $19.95 to Port a landline number. So at first you will pay $69.95 (which include 1 year service) + $19.95( porting fee) + $9.95(annual fee for ported numbers) = $99.85
    After that you will pay $29.95/year + 9.95/year port number fee = $39.90 year.

    I opted to get a better rate by not porting my number:
    I bought Nettalk Duo which has lowered the price to $49.95 (which includes 1st year) then pay $29.95 a year after that. That’s it…… I also added their free Apps to my Smartphone which work nicely.

    Good luck Voip hunting

  3. What is really the difference of the new MJP. I’ve had three MJ and none of them worked. I spent many
    hour on the phone with the Tech guy at MJ and they could no help. I’m discouraged so I want to know why my system did not work and the services couldnot help me? I got my $ back in all cases but not my time.

  4. unless you are in NH where only NetTalk will port your existing phone number, not Magicjack

  5. …and several other states as well. Also, besides porting, NetTalk has way more area codes than Magicjack.

  6. A battery pack would be a great addition for the wifi unit. If I could find the voltage & Current requirement, I would build one.

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