How Often is Google Maps and Google Earth Updated?

Google Earth

One of the commodities of having an earth mapping system in place such as Google Maps, is that the maps tend to be much more accurate than those purchased at convenient stores and gas stations across the world. The truth is that roads, pathways, road names, route numbers, and terrain across the world are changing on a continuous basis. While your ‘difficult to fold’ paper map may get you in the right direction, it won’t always get you to your destination. This is where Google Maps comes in, blending with GPS technology to offer you the latest and greatest mapping information available today.

The good news is that Google Maps and Google Earth are making continuous strides to update their maps. Imaging from around the world is constantly taking place and being refreshed on a daily basis. This means that Google Maps doesn’t necessarily follow an ‘update schedule,’ and is instead constantly adding new imagery and digesting data given to them through pictures, satellites and the general public.

From the time a change is submitted or seen, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the images and new information to be placed in the computer and uploaded to the database. The database will them simultaneously update both Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google claims that most of the images in Google Maps and Google Earth are no more than 3 years old, unless the data is taken from an area that only allows for low-resolution pictures to be taken. It is important to understand however, that just because the images and data on Google Maps are updated every few weeks, doesn’t mean that every single location from around the world is updated. Instead, Google Maps works in segments, and updates parts of the world on a rotating schedule. This alone, can take several years.

If you are looking up pictures on either Google Maps or Google Earth, it is wise to check in the history of the location. Often, new images and mapping information may be available, but since the picture data is not as clear – older images are used. You can also use the ‘Google Earth Imagery Updates’ button on Google to see recent modifications to the mapping system that have taken place.

From Google Maps home page, you can request that a specific area of interest to you be updated. If you make the request, Google Maps will kindly notify you via email when this update takes place. However, remember it could take several years for the information compiled to be utilized in Google Maps. Currently, Google is working hard to add locations and imagery from their Street View Imagery, which uses the Google cars, balloons, kites, and satellites to take pictures of popular places around the world.

The bottom line is if you are looking for the most accurate and up to date maps of certain locales – Google Maps and Google Earth is the very best place to find them. They are constantly striving to improve both their imaging and the information so that Google users can ‘follow the world,’ from the ease of their computer screen.

This article was written by Frank Anderson, a professional blogger and writer. He also works with virtual web hosting and various other web technologies.