Best iPad Apps for Students

The iPad is meant for all those who are constantly on the move but need to stay connected and continue their work and multiple activities. Its sleek, slim and lightweight design makes it the easiest to carry everywhere and long battery life makes it fit to operate for hours at a stretch. Students have taken to the iPad just as much as business professionals and many of the applications are targeted at students to facilitate their work, which includes, research, report writing, analysis, calculation, notes, recording and so on. Out of all the apps the following are the best picks for students:

Pages – This is one of the first apps to select. Though available as part of iWork Suite as well, it can be purchased separately as well for $9.99. Pages is a powerful word processing app created by Apple itself and comes with a host of features like page layout tools, templates, touch commands. It helps to export documents to Pages 09, Microsoft Word, PDF etc and has no compatibility problems.


Numbers – This is a spreadsheet version of pages and useful to create tables, charts etc and make quick calculations. All the spreadsheets created while on the move can be exported easily to the Mac, Microsoft Excel etc.


Dictionary – This app comes in handy during lectures or while reading or researching, since the online dictionary explains unfamiliar concepts and terms. It has a collection of 1 million words that are available offline and an added facility of the thesaurus. If Wi-Fi connectivity is possible, numerous other additional features can be accessed.


iBooks – Students cannot afford to not have access to books. iBooks gives students access to the large eBook library of fiction, and the latest recently released books. Textbooks are also being added to this app.


Things – This proves to be a big convenience for students who need to remember scores of activities, meetings, lectures and sessions they may have enrolled for. It is an effective tool for time management and now comes in an iPad specific format and has greater clarity with the larger iPad screen.


Articles for iPad – This is the best app for students needing quick definitions about concepts, terms, events etc from Wikipedia. Though Wikipedia is not most reliable source of information and avoidable according to academicians, but a great starting point for investigations and provides the basic direction. A highly functional app, it has simplified life for students in multiple ways..

Articles for iPad

Scrabble – Students cannot always study only. For a bit of fun and entertainment that is not far removed from the literary world, Scrabble is the best app for the short break.


There are hundreds of other apps that students can get on their iPad, but these could be the first few to start with and add more apps as you go to meet your specific requirements.

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