Windows Server Release Cadence

Windows 8 Will Be Completely Different From Previous Versions

Windows Server Release CadenceMicrosoft employee just posted details on Windows 8 on their blog, claiming it is going to be “completly different from what people usually expect of Windows,” and that internally, they’re calling it “”

Shown above is a leaked Windows server roadmap from a year ago, that marks 2012 as the year of a “major release,” with “codename – Windows 8″ mentioned.

We already knew Microsoft will be shifting its attention to Windows 8 this July, so although this latest slip-up doesn’t elucidate much, at least we can think about what the employee means by a “completly different” Windows. Does he mean it won’t have a built-in spellchecker? [MSDN via Microsoft Kitchen via SlashGear] [Gizmodo]

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  1. With every version of Microsoft windows comes a new wind of change.It was the same when Vista was launches and so was it when Windows 7 had to come out…hope this one also pleasantly surprises the users.

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